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FDA Foreign Supplier
Verification Program
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 mandates the creation of a food safety system in which the focus is on preventing contamination rather than primarily reacting to problems after they occur. The FSMA rules include those that require preventive controls for food facilities that manufacture/process, pack, and hold human and animal foods, and establish science-based standards for produce grown on farms.
These rules apply to domestic food producers and those in other countries who export to the United States. The import community will be most impacted by the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) rule, which requires FSVP importers to verify that the food they import meets U.S. safety standards. FSVP importers are required to develop, maintain, and follow an FSVP for each food imported, unless an exemption applies. The goal is to ensure that each food is produced in a manner that provides the same level of public health protection as the preventive controls and produce safety regulations, if applicable, and the food is not adulterated or misbranded with respect to allergen labeling.
FSQP offers a mechanism for producers and manufactures to participate in the FDA FSVP. FSQP performs a hazard analysis that includes identifying known or reasonably foreseeable hazards associated for each type of food and determining whether they require a control. Potential hazards include:


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